Chelsea Rose Restoration Project Moves Forward

By Kiera Morgan

At last night’s (3/28) Port of Newport meeting Cody Chase and Cari Brandberg gave an update  to the Port Commissioners regarding the plans to replace the Chelsea Rose, a retired fishing vessel where they sell fish off of port dock 3. They will be building a new floating dock at the spot where the vessel is now to continue to sell fish. The plan for the dock would offer increased storage capacity. With the completion of the new Chelsea Rose barge at the Port of Toledo Boatyards, the old Chelsea Rose will be disconnected from its current berth on Port Dock 3.

Cody purchased the Chelsea Rose about 12-years ago and refurbished to make it into the fish selling vessel it is today. Brandberg told the port commissioners that this new venture will be very well done and will look nice and showed the artists renderings of the plans. This would be a smaller footprint but a bit wider than the current Chelsea Rose. This will be a cleaner and safer operation. Cari told the port commissioners that over 300,000 pounds of tuna pass the dock to consumers through them.

The Chelsea Rose is now the oldest vessel in the harbor and is one of the most well known and photographed. The Chelsea Rose supports many local families and has buyers from many of the West Coast states. People travel from all over Oregon to buy fresh local seafood. They are backed by the local fishermen and OSU in marketing seafood to the public. The port commission gave their approval last night for the pair to move forward with their plans to remodel and repurpose the Chelsea Rose. The new floating dock will be made at the Port of Toledo in April and they hope to have it in place by May.