Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council Now Part Of Swim Guide

The Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council announced they are now a Swim Guide Affiliate. The swim guide is an international database of water quality easily available on the web and through smart phone apps. With just a few clicks anyone with a access to the Internet can get results about their favorite swimming hole or beach across North America. This new service greatly improves Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council’s outreach capacity. They can now seamlessly update individual sample sites with near real-time results.

This information then can be downloaded through a smart phone or other device by searching the user-friendly interactive map. SDCWC brings over 10 year of water quality data to Swim Guide, for the watersheds in their boundaries. These include the Salmon River, Devils Lake, ​Drift Creek, and Schooner Creek and their tributaries. SDCWC’s information on bacteria, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity has created the baseline of data for evaluating the health of these systems and the potential need for restoration. To learn more go online to