Depoe Bay Prepares For The Eclipse

Lincoln City

By Kiera Morgan

The city of Depoe Bay has been planning and preparing for the upcoming solar eclipse in August. Depoe Bay Fire Chief Josh Williams gave a report at the last city council meeting. He said one of the biggest concerns is going to be access. On busy summer days if there is an accident on hwy 101 then the hwy becomes completely blocked. It is now estimated that there could be several hundred thousand people here for the event. He said that weekend it will be all hands on deck. It is likely we will start seeing increased traffic starting Thursday or Friday prior as people from all over start to arrive.

Williams said they are looking at a variety of ways to get around town during the event. “I have quotes to rent Segways, that I can put firemen or EMT’s on with EMT bags and move through crowds of people in town. This is much quicker that trying to maneuver through with a big firetruck. Bicycles, golf carts, you name it we are looking at it.”┬áHe added they are going to be as prepared as they can.

State police and Sheriff’s Deputies are going to be in extra force during that weekend as well. Williams said he expects the side streets in Depoe Bay to be just as full as hwy 101. The path of the total eclipse will start in the Depoe Bay/Lincoln Beach area. It is also expected that since hotels are already booked there may be people camping on the beaches or at the State Parks. There are also concerns of people going up into the mountains and hills and getting lost or stuck. The city has reserved some fencing, cones and are looking at port-a-potties to help deal with the increase in people on the coast.