Commissioners Move Forward With Toledo Pool District

By Kiera Morgan:

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners held the second hearing regarding the formation of a Toledo Pool and Recreation district. The first public hearing was held on January 25th. The proposed funding for the district would be .77 cents per $1,000 of assessed value if approved by the voters. This amount would provide the budget for operation and maintenance of the Toledo pool and related facilities. The proposed district would be the city of Toledo and generally following the boundaries of the Toledo rural fire protection district. The petition also included an Economic Feasibility Statement describing the services and functions of the proposed District, the estimated funds to be raised authorized by the District electors, and a 10 year budget estimating revenues and expenses. The board approved moving forward to place the proposal for the Toledo Pool and Recreation district on the ballot. The final paperwork will need to be filed by February 24th to be on the May 2017 ballot.