Woman Dies In Tillamook County Zipline Accident


On Saturday, February 4th, 2017, at approximately 5:53am, Tillamook 911 received information of an injured female in the Salmon Berry area.  A third party caller reported information given to them from Joshua Jackson was that his girlfriend was injured while crossing a zip line in a remote location near the Salmon Berry bridge area.

First responders and deputies used ATV quads and hiked approximately two miles, to get on scene. Medical personnel reported the victim, Tami McVay, age 35, was deceased. Tami’s friend, Joshua Jackson, reported he and Tami were both on a zip line crossing the river near the railroad tracks, the tree the zip line was attached to uprooted landing on both. The tree struck Tami McVay causing severe head trauma.

Jackson was arrested on a Clatsop County warrant and transported to the Tillamook County Jail. The arrest was not related to the incident, but still under investigation. Assisting with the recovery included personnel from the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, the TCSO Chaplains and Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue personnel.

The public is reminded that there are many locations along the Salmon Berry where there is no cellphone or radio coverage.  If someone is injured, there could be a long delay reporting emergencies, and first responders could be delayed due to the remote location.

information provided by Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office