Be Aware Of A New Scam

Ransomware, Telephone Scam

Newport Police are warning citizens about a new scam that has been detected involving text messages, emails, and/or phone calls from people claiming to be Certified Apple Technical Support Services. They indicate that your Apple ID Number or your IP address has been compromised by foreigners from some middle eastern country. The Technician attempts to direct the customer to log onto a computer, and then directs them to a web address, such as fast support dot com.

The intent is to gain remote access to the customer’s computer or smart phone. Remote access will allow the Technician to gain immediate access to unlimited information stored on your computer or smart phone. This is a Scam. If you receive such an email, text message, voicemail message, or phone call, ignore it. If you have any concerns that your Apple User ID Number has been compromised, contact Apple Support directly at 800-275-2273.  If you have any information on this scam, you can contact Detective Cummings at 541-574-0633.

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  1. Unfortunately this is a problem that is showing up all across the internet as well.
    A point of clarification. These scammers are using legitimate tools fraudulently.
    the site specified in the article is a legitimate one for a legitimate product. GoToAssist Remote Support (the site for users of this software is fastsupport dot com), LogMeIn and others have been working to shut down account where they are used fraudulently as they are reported.

    If you are directed to the above named site make sure it is from someone you trust and know is a legitimate support person.
    GoToAssist Remote Support, LogMeIn Rescue and others are legitimate programs being used illegitimately.
    I work one of the companies whose tool is being used in this way. We are working very hard to deal with them as quickly as they are reported to us.

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