Floods And Slides In Newport

Due to sustained heavy rain on February 5th the City of Newport has experienced several slides, localized flooding, and several sewer pump station overflows. Big Creek road is currently closed above the lower dam due to a slide across the road.  City crews will be working with a local contactor to open the road as soon as possible. Bay Boulevard was closed yesterday evening west of SE Fogarty Street due to a slide that covered part of the road and damaged several vehicles.  Public Works crews have cleared the debris from the road and will be working with the Port of Newport to clear the rest of the debris from the adjacent Port parking lot. Nye Creek overtopped its banks at Sam Moore Park north of SW 6th Street and ran down SE Coast Street flooding several businesses in Nye Beach.

Water in the street was 18” deep at SW Coast and Beach Street.  Surcharged storm drains caused local flooding in several streets including SE Harney at Yaquina View School, Bay Boulevard & Fogarty Street, and Avery Street between the City of Newport Recreation Center and 60+ Center. Several wastewater pump stations began overflowing yesterday afternoon beginning around 5 pm including the Nye Beach Pump Station, the Schooner Creek Pump Station and the Bay Front Pump Station. Signs warning of the recent sewage overflows are posted at the affected areas and sampling is being conducted to determine when the water is safe for contact.  Contact with water contaminated with bacteria can increase the risk of disease.  The public is asked to avoid contact with these water bodies until further notice. Rain is going to continue today. Drivers should watch for debris and high water on the roadways.