Large Waves Damage Lincoln City Complex

Saturday morning January 21st just after 8am North Lincoln Fire & Rescue and Lincoln City Police were called to a complex on NW Inlet in Lincoln City on a report of a 45-year old woman who was injured and hanging on a balcony of a beachfront six unit rental complex after a large wave struck the structure. A woman in the adjacent unit reported to fire and rescue crews that she had been watching the large seas since early morning and saw the wave pound into the estimated 8 foot sea wall and strike the deck an estimated additional six feet above, sweeping Barbecue grills and patio furniture off the deck as it collapsed.

She heard a woman next door screaming and saw her hanging onto the hot tub located on the deck next door.  She then saw the woman’s husband reach out of the motel unit and he managed to drag the injured woman up off the damaged deck. The woman was transported by Pacific West Ambulance to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.  Fire crews stayed on scene for nearly an hour and cleared the building and accessed the damage.  The wave estimated to be 10-15 feet when it struck the building collapsing the deck that ran the full length of the single story complex.

North Lincoln Fire & Rescue cautions individuals to take extreme precautions on the beaches, check tide tables and never walk on the beach during large seas.  Storm surge and “sneaker waves” can quickly rush ashore; at times capturing beachcombers between concrete sea walls or large rocks.  The waves often carry large beach logs and other debris, which can cause serious injuries or killing people. There was a High surf advisory in effect for Saturday.

Information and photos provided by Jim Kusz


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  1. “Large Waves Damage” or “Large Wave Damages” would not have distracted readers from the importance of the subject. Do even the journalists out here on the coast know what good grammar (and spelling) looks like? C’mon, already!

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