Yachats Residents Say NO To Chain Store

By Kiera Morgan

Several local area Yachats residents filled the Yachats Commons to tell national discount chain Dollar General they don’t want them in their town. The chain plans to tear down the old 76 gas station and replace it with a bargain discount store. According to one of the residents at the meeting they told the representative of the company that this type of store would pull profits out of Yachats and hurt small businesses that are the backbone of the community. There were also complaints that the Dollar General store’s architecture would not fit in with the other buildings and homes in the Yachats area.

The Yachats city council reminded that this is not something that they have any control over. As long as the Dollar General building complies with current code, there is nothing for the council to deliberate. The property they chose has been for sale for several years, available to anyone who wanted to buy it. They are not currently in violation of any existing code, statute or regulations. The Planning Commission had worked on a “no formula businesses” recommendation for the past eight months, researching the right way to do it, to prevent lawsuits and accomplish what the Council asked them to.

The site plans were filed with the City of Yachats the day before the Planning Commission’s public hearing to forward their proposal to the Council. The Yachats Council will vote on the recommendation for no formula businesses, but it applies to future proposals, and cannot be retroactive. Dollar General is also looking to locate stores in Waldport and Florence.