Warming Shelters Open


The Lincoln City Emergency Warming Shelter will be open Monday night 12/05, Tuesday night 12/06 and Wednesday night 12/07. Located at the North end of town it is at the Congregational Church, NW 25th behind Kenny’s IGA for singles and at First Baptist Church, NW 17th, down the street from Maxwells for families with children.

BOTH SHELTERS will be open .  You can find out about openings by postings around town that say the emergency shelters are “open”, our Facebook page or you can call the emergency shelter hotline at 206-713-8234. Volunteers both male and female continue to be needed to assist with the overnight staffing of emergency shelter sites when opened. Interested persons should call the Volunteer Coordinators, Sharon Padilla at 541-992-5748 for singles. or Danny Ahumada  541-418-1519 for families.