County VRD Licenses Available

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Property owners who wish to operate a dwelling as a short term rental or VRD will be required to obtain a license through the Sheriff’s Office effective December 1. Applications are now available online and in-person through the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners adopted an Ordinance in March to establish conditions for the operation of short term rentals of dwelling units and to implement a licensing program to ensure compliance with the ordinance’s standards.

The conditions established will allow the operation of such rentals in a manner that respects and protects the livability of the neighborhoods in which these rentals are located. Commissioner Bill Hall said the proposal emerged after more than a year of work by several county departments and a series of community meetings in the unincorporated part of the county. Hall said the proposed licensing program has been driven by increasing complaints about noise, garbage, parking and other issues that VRD neighbors say are negatively impacting their neighborhoods.

Hall said by establishing a licensing program, the county will have a tool to hold property owners more accountable. The vast majority of owners are not the problem, but it only takes a few problem operations to have a significant negative impact on a neighborhood’s quality of life. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office acts as the County Licensing Authority for this ordinance. Those who have questions regarding the ordinance and licensing requirements can contact The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office by calling 541-265-4912.