Heavy Rains Cause Sewer Overflows

Due to heavy rainfall, the Big Creek, Schooner Creek, and Nye Beach Wastewater Pump Stations started overflowing beginning approximately 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 24th, 2016.  The stations will likely continue to overflow intermittently throughout the storm event until rainfall quantities dissipate. Signs warning of the sewage overflows are posted at the affected areas and sampling is being conducted to determine when the water is safe for contact.  Contact with water contaminated with bacteria can increase the risk of disease.  Please avoid contact with these waterbodies until further notice.

Continuous heavy rainfall has caused local flooding in several areas and several storm drain manholes have blown off due to surcharging.  Leaves and pine needles have been blocking storm drains causing flooding in the streets. Please be wary of standing water in the street and watch for open manholes. Please contact TCB dispatch at 541-265-7746 if you observe open manholes or flooding that may be hazardous or cause property damage.  Please contact City of Newport Public Works at 541-574-3366 with any questions.