Host a High School Student from Costa Rica for a Month!

Costa Rica


Each year, 25 Costa Rican Students come to Oregon to live with two families for one month each.  Volunteer families with a high school student in the home are needed to host a student either Dec. 10Jan. 7 or Jan. 8-Feb. 5.  Your child does not need to be in Spanish to host a student.

If you, or anyone you know, ANYWHERE IN OREGON, would be interested in hosting, please share this information with them.  As of today, the program is still in need of 15 families for the first month, and 8 families the second month.

Oregonian high school students can also go to Costa Rica during the summer through this program.  The relationships and bonds that are formed last a lifetime.

For more information about the program, see the Partners of the Americas website here.
If you are interested in becoming a Host family, please fill out the application here.
Disregard the deadline date for applying to host, as it has been extended.50years

Host Program Coordinators:
Annette Navarro: 503-358-8066
Jane Rubio: 541-659-5515
Costa Rica

There is no better way to learn a language than to live it!