City Center Demolition May Take Awhile

Many people have been seeing some activity going on at the City Center Motel that burned down on August 5th. The motel is not yet ready to be completely torn down. According to acting Newport Police Chief Jason Malloy the demolition of the motel is going to be a very slow and meticulous process.┬áHe added that the insurance companies and fire investigators are still sifting through the debris to determine what the cause of the fire was. Since four people perished in the fire it is something that takes a long time and investigators have to be very careful about. Malloy said they have asked that the east side of the building be brought down as soon as they are done sifting through what they need as it is the most unstable part of the building. It was also pointed out that part of the reason it is taking so long is that the debris has to be moved by Thompson’s Sanitary and they can only take so much at one time. There is hope that the motel will be completely demolished by the end of the month.