Marine Board Approves Dredging Grant For Port Of Alsea

The Oregon State Marine Board approved five boating facility grants during their quarterly Board meeting, held on October 26, in Lincoln City. Applicants requested $642,756 in state boater funds for $1,374,851 in project needs. These grants were awarded based on funding availability in Round 2 for the 2015-2017 biennium. The Port of Alsea applied for a grant to dredge and repair the debris boom near the boat ramp. Marine Board staff have been working with the Port since 2010 to replace the boat ramp, boarding docks and excavate around the boat ramp, but the project was placed on hold while the Port pursued dredging permits. Sediment has continued to accumulate, especially during the 2015 winter storms where 9,000 cubic yards of sediment were deposited. The Board approved a not to exceed amount of $30,000 in state boater funds to match Port in-kind contributions of $11,595, and $14,487 in cash, combined with FEMA, Lincoln County Urban Renewal and OBDD stipend of $667,695 cash for a total match of $693,777. The grant award is conditioned upon permits being issued no later than December 31, 2016 and using the state-owned dredge equipment from Coos Bay.