Petition To Recall Lincoln City Mayor

Mayor Don Williams

On Monday October 31st Lincoln City resident  MacNeale Smith filed a petition to have Mayor Don Williams recalled. According to the paperwork the reason cited for the recall is from the last city council meeting when Mayor Williams told those in the audience to stop being disruptive and that if it continued he had the authority to arrest those who were causing a disruption. Now according to the petition members of the public are afraid to attend and give comment at council meetings for fear of being arrested. With the filing now Mr. Smith has 90 days to gather 456 valid signatures in an effort to remove Mayor Williams from office.

Afterward the signatures are turned over by the city recorder who gives them to the county clerk for verification, which takes about 10 days. If enough signatures are verified then the Mayor has 5 days to make a choice to either to remain in office or resign. If he resigns, he steps down immediately. If he refuses to resign, he has to submit a statement justifying why he should remain in office within those five days. Within 35 days after that the county elections clerk sets a date for the recall election.  All costs for the recall election estimated at $8,000 by the county clerks office are paid for by the city.