Newport Moving And Re-purposing Homes

As a result of the December 2015 landslide, the city of Newport obtained a grant from FEMA to purchase residential properties that were deemed unsafe following the slide. The city anticipates that the contractors will get started next week to remove these dwellings. According to city manager Spencer Nebel this is a good, potential opportunity to put these houses back into productive use, and help meet affordable/work force housing needs in Newport and the surrounding area. Nebel stated that each of these properties are eligible for system development charge credits. Newport Planning Director Derrick Tokos said the credits would be transferred to projects developing affordable housing within the City of Newport.

It was proposed to the city council that the salvageable homes be moved and stored in an area near the Airport. There are three homes that will be moved, the other two had to be demolished. The council approved to authorize the City Manager to solicit proposals from non-profits and other appropriate organizations or individuals to repurpose the manufactured dwellings salvaged from the landslide damaged properties on NE 70th Drive for use for affordable housing. The council also approved to apply system development charge credits attributed to these dwellings to the properties upon which they are placed provided the lots or parcels are within the city limits.