Name Change Requested For Hwy 101 Wayside At Agate Beach

The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider a proposal from the Ernest Bloch Legacy Project to change the name of the U.S. 101 wayside at Agate Beach to become Ernest Bloch Memorial Wayside. This wayside is located a few hundred feet from the home where the Blochs lived near NW Lighthouse Drive and U.S. 101. Ernest Bloch was a Swiss-born American composer who gained recognition worldwide for his musical accomplishments. After traveling the world, Bloch and his wife became U.S. citizens and settled in Agate Beach in 1941. Bloch continued to compose, creating nearly a third of his overall work in Agate Beach.

The name change was proposed to honor Bloch’s contributions, which have had a lasting historical impact on Oregon. If approved, the Ernest Bloch Memorial currently located at the City of Newport’s Performing Arts Center will be moved to the wayside. The Ernest Bloch Legacy Project provided evidence of local support for the naming, including letters of support from legislators, a county commissioner, the City of Newport, a number of symphonies, and others. If you would like to make comment on this proposed name change, send an e-mail to or a letter to Oregon Transportation Commission, 355 Capitol St NE MS 11, Salem, OR 97301 by September 30.