ODOT Promotes “Safetymon Go”


“Safétymon Go” is a group of Pokémon-like characters that are busy encouraging drivers, parents and students to make safe travel choices – just in time for back-to-school. With more people walking, riding bicycles, and driving around school zones, college campuses and around gathering spots such as sports fields, ODOT created a couple of characters, including Bulbasafety and Psafetyduck, to help get the word out. Easy-to-print posters are available online and the colorful characters are sharing key safety messages on social media. For example, Safetoise reminds walkers to “look left-right-left” before crossing a street or parking lot. Safetychu reminds motorists to slow down in school zones. And Safetymander wants you to “See and Be Seen.”

Get tips for safety and learn more at the Safétymon Go website.

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