Changes At The Seashore Family Literacy Center

The Seashore Family Literacy Center in Waldport is celebrating literacy by getting back to their mission. The center bought the old Waldport Middle school and named it the Shelter Me Building. This was based on a program that the students developed to call attention to ways to help those without homes in the south county area. However people got confused and through that the building was a place that was providing shelter for those without homes. Seashore founder Sentilia McKinley and her board decided to go back to their mission which is to provide literacy to those in need. They have changed the name of the building to the Seashore Family Literacy Center For Learning.

Sentilia said they are now using the center for cooking classes with the food pantry and for doing tutoring with the Angel Job Corps kids. She said the DeNoble House is where they will hold their after school programs, and the volunteer training and tutoring. She added that they are also leasing a space next to the DeNoble House and thanks to a grant from the Siletz Tribe and volunteer contractors they have installed a fence around the area and will create a play area for the kids in the after school program. She said they will also be increasing their art and science programs and will be partnering with the School District’s 21st century program to increase the STEM activities for the kids at the center. Those who would like more information or to donate to the literacy programs¬† can go online to