Pedestrian Safety Operation In Lincoln City Monday

Pedestrian Safety

The Lincoln City Police Department will be conducting a Pedestrian Safety Operation on Thursday August 8, 2016. The safety operation will occur near Hwy 101 and N. 21st Street between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

The primary focus of the operation is to raise pedestrian safety awareness. With the use of a decoy pedestrian, the Lincoln City Police Department hopes to raise awareness of drivers and pedestrians through education and enforcement of pedestrian right of way laws.Warning signs will be posted prior to entering the pedestrian safety operation zone, the day before and the day of the operation.

The Lincoln City Police Department is dedicated to enhancing the safety of both the citizens and guests of the city. The safety operations are conducted in an effort to reduce the potential of injuries or death to pedestrians in our city. Funding for the pedestrian safety operations is made possible through a grant from Oregon Impact and Oregon Department of Transportation.