More Lead Found In Lincoln County School Pipes

Director of Support Services Rich Belloni shared information on the status of lead testing in        LCSD.  Every sink, drinking fountain and bubbler in every school was tested (approximately 1200 tests         total).  To date, results have been received for Waldport and Newport schools; the balance of tests are   due back between August 8 and August 10.

The state allowable lead concentration for schools is 0.0200 mg/L.   Tests over this limit include three at Waldport High, three at Crestview Heights, three at Sam Case, four at Newport Middle, four at Newport High west and 17 at Newport High east (10 of the 17 are in the science lab). At Yaquina View Elementary School, 24 tests were over the limit.  The main water line at this school was replaced over the summer.  Yaquina View will begin the school year with water stations.

The test results the district has received vary widely, from 0.0202 to one high test of 2.44.  The district is taking corrective action by removing all devices with test results over the limit, replacing them, and re-testing. “We are committed to providing clean, safe water to all of our students and staff, and will do whatever it takes to make this happen,” said Belloni.  As additional test results are received, they will be shared.