Two Rod Angling Open On Coastal Streams

Oregon’s popular two-rod fishing validation will be extended to coastal streams open to salmon and steelhead fishing this fall to help anglers take advantage of expected strong Chinook salmon returns. “We are expecting another strong return of fall Chinook this season, and allowing the expanded use of two rods for coastal rivers will give anglers a great opportunity to harvest these fish,” said Mike Gauvin, manager of ODFW’s recreational fishing program.

The temporary rule is effective Aug. 4 – Oct. 31 in all coastal streams open to angling for Chinook salmon, hatchery coho, and hatchery steelhead. Only a single rod can be used for any other game and non-game fish species. Two-rod validations are nothing new. ODFW has been gradually opening more waterways to the use of two rods. For $21.50, licensed anglers can purchase the right to use a second rod in certain locations of the state, including most ponds and lakes, and now coastal streams.

Gauvin noted that anglers that have already purchased a 2016 Two Rod Angling Validation do not need another one for the coastal openings. Also, youth anglers under 12 years of age are permitted under the rules to use two rods where allowed without purchasing a fishing license or a two-rod validation. Some areas are limited or excluded from the two-rod opportunity, due to conservation needs. 

In the NW Zone, two rods may only be used in the Nehalem River Basin from Sept. 16 – Oct. 31. Only a single rod may be used in lower Columbia tributaries which include Bear Creek, Big Creek, Gnat Creek, John Day River, Klaskanine River Basin (including north and south forks), Lewis and Clark River, Youngs River and Bay, Beaver Creek, and the Clatskanie River.

 In the SW Zone, two rods may only be used in the Umpqua River upstream to Scottsburg Bridge (Hwy. 38), in the Rogue River upstream to the upstream deadline at the Ferry Hole Boat Ramp, and in the Chetco River upstream to the Harbor Water Intake.

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