LCSO Tip of the Week – Dogs at Large

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Date: July 11, 2016



Your Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office receives animal complaints on a regular basis. The incidents range from barking dogs to roosters crowing to much more severe issues such as dog bites and attacks.

Here are a few tips for both pet owners and neighbors to help deal with these types of incidents:

1. BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER- Keep your dogs and cats vaccinated. Spay and Neuter your pets to prevent against unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

2. LICENSE YOUR DOG – Not only is it required by law, it’s the right thing to do. Proceeds from pet license help funds our local Animal Shelter. It also ensures that we can reunite lost pets with their owners.

3. DON’T LET YOUR DOGS STRAY- Keep them safely and securely contained at home or on a leash. Trespassing dogs can lead to neighbor cat attacks, strewn garbage, and frightened children.

4. NEIGHBORS- If you have a “problem pooch” in your neighborhood, try to find out whom it belongs to. Talk to the pet owner and communicate your concern and try mediation. If that doesn’t work, call Animal Services through dispatch at 541-265-4231.

5. THERE IS A STRAY DOG THAT DOESN’T BELONG IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD- If he’s on your property and he doesn’t belong there, he’s trespassing. If the dog is approachable and appears friendly, catch it and bring it to the Animal Shelter. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER OF BEING BITTEN IN THE PROCESS OF TRYING TO CORRAL THE CANINE!

6. ONGOING PROBLEMS- The Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution service offers mediation for these incidents and much more! They are located at 936 SW Hurbert, Newport, OR 97365. The phone number is (541) 574-9846

7. More information can be obtained when you visit the Lincoln County website under county ordinance.

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