More Lead Found At Yaquina View

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As a precautionary measure, Lincoln County School District (LCSD) collected water samples from randomly chosen faucets throughout our district. While water test results at all other schools showed no concern, results for lead in the water from one classroom at Yaquina View prompted testing of all drinking fountains within that school. Of the 21 fountains tested there, four returned with action level results. Please see the attached map indicating test results (below).

LCSD has ordered materials to replace the main water line from the meter to the end of the south hallway at Yaquina View. We believe these upgrades will resolve water quality concerns; we will retest fixtures as soon as this is complete.  To ensure all schools’ water is safe, water samples will be collected from all sinks and drinking fountains at all LCSD schools in Lincoln City, Newport, Toledo and Waldport to test for lead.YaquinaView062216Results