Learn More About Fire Sprinkler Systems

Oregon Fire Sprinkler¬†Coalition and North Lincoln Fire & Rescue are inviting¬† construction contractors, plumbers, government officials, vacation property owners and homeowners to attend the Oregon Sprinkler Coalition meeting being held at North Lincoln Fire & Rescue’s St. Clair Station in the Taft area of Lincoln City at 10:00 am tomorrow.¬† The Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting home fire sprinklers. This voluntary coalition is a resource for information about home fire sprinklers in the State of Oregon.

The Coalition actively works to educate stakeholder groups on residential fire sprinklers and collaborates with key state fire service organizations to address and overcome barriers to residential fire sprinkler requirements. Public Information Officer Captain Jim Kusz said there is a lot of misconceptions about fire sprinklers that they are ugly and use a lot of water damaging a home. Jim said “this is simply not true. Fire sprinkler systems have been updated and blend in with the home, they also use less water as they are heat activated and only one sprinkler will go off where it is needed.”

Coalition Chair Chief Shawn Olson of Clackamas Fire, further stated that the cost and benefits to property owners and to the firefighters in suppression efforts can make the difference in a small room fire from becoming a total and complete loss of property, and gives residents more time to safely escape from a home. The public and anyone interested is invited to learn more about the cost, the political challenges, the latest designs and the lifesaving value of residential sprinklers.