LCSO Tip of the Week – Hot Weather

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Date: July 4, 2016


The following hot weather emergency tips are found in the 2016 Emergency Management calendar which can be downloaded at the Lincoln County Sheriff Emergency Management page.

* Heat cramps and exhaustion are signs your body is overheated and dehydrated.
* Heat stroke is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Symptoms include warm, flushed skin, absence of normal sweating, very high temperatures, delirium, unconsciousness or seizures. Seek medical attention immediately.
* Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids.
* NEVER leave people or animals in cars or other enclosed spaces. Car temperatures can rise to deadly levels quickly.
* Wear lightweight, light colored, loose fitting clothing and protection such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

Lightning Safety
* When possible, find shelter inside a building or fully enclosed vehicle.
* If you are stuck outside when lightning strikes, crouch down and place your hand over your ears. Never lie flat on the ground.
* Keep a minimum of 15 feet from other people and avoid water, high ground, individual tall trees, open spaces, and metal objects.

Water Safety
* Tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return, and where to call if you don’t return on time.
* Know your limits as a swimmer.
* Rivers can run cold and swift in spring and early summer. Jumping into cold water can literally take your breath away!
* Wear a properly fitted personal flotation device. All children 12 and younger must wear a life vest when in a boat. Know all local boating laws.
* Wear sunscreen.
* Children can drown in less than two inches of water. Never leave children unattended near water.

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