LCSO Tip of the Week – Telephone Scams

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SheriffWelcome to Sheriff Landers, who was sworn in as the new Sheriff of Lincoln County effective June 1st, 2016! He follows in the footsteps of newly retired Sheriff Dennis Dotson.  We wish former Sheriff Dotson a long and happy retirement as we wish Sheriff Landers a long and successful future as our Sheriff.

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Sheriff Curtis L. Landers

225 W. Olive Street

Newport, Oregon 97365

Tel (541) 265-4277

Fax  (541) 265-4926


Date: June 20, 2016


Here is the annual reminder to not allow ourselves to be victimized by solicitors who utilize available communication devices such as a telephone, mail, or computers, or even our doorbell, to scam, defraud, steal, or otherwise annoy us.

Ever wonder why there are so many cons, scams, and computer phishing incidences? The answer is that it’s very profitable for the criminals because many thousands of people continue to allow themselves to be victimized every year.

Everyone wants a good deal with a purchase or service, but everyone should realize by now that you don’t always get what you pay for. Many people seeking a good deal allow themselves to be deceived by smooth-talking sales pitches.

The good news is that it’s pretty simple to reduce the risk of being victimized or even eliminating the success of a con or scam and it doesn’t involve any cost. All you have to do is HANG UP!

While there are many honest and credible salespeople, it’s impossible to tell the difference between an honest person and dishonest person if you don’t personally know them or have credible references.

So, when a person calls;

• soliciting information from you about anything – HANG UP!

• claiming to be from a financial institution or credit card company – HANG UP!

• claiming you’ve won a prize – HANG UP!

• offering a deal on home repair or landscaping – HANG UP!

• claiming to be a relative and you don’t recognize the voice – HANG UP!

• if you’re not certain, ask them personal questions that only that relative would know the answers to – If they miss one – HANG UP!

• contacts you at your home or business to offer you a deal on home repair or landscaping – say goodbye and shut the door. If they remain, call the police.

Telemarketers are an annoyance to most everyone. Our phone etiquette has allowed the birth of a business to become a giant industry in this country. HANG UP!

Your financial institutions, credit card companies, businesses, and companies you have traded with know how to contact you. They still utilize the U.S. Mail or use other modes of communication that you have established with them.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim. HANG UP!

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