Flag Displays At County VA Clinics

Tony Molina, John Reed, Bill Hall, David Gomberg, Cheryl Connell Flag Display Veterans VA Outreach Clinics Lincoln County

Tony Molina, John Reed, Bill Hall, David Gomberg, Cheryl Connell

The Lincoln County Veterans Outreach Clinics based in Newport and Lincoln City now have American flag displays at the Newport and Lincoln City clinics. The lobby flag displays include a folded American flag, symbols of each branch of the armed forces, and a dedication plaque. County Commissioner Bill Hall said the displays are the result of a veteran’s question who inquired why the American flag wasn’t displayed at the county clinics. Hall said he explained that because the county does not own either location, but is a tenant, the placement of an outdoor flag wasn’t practical. Hall said they are now hoping this lobby display will honor the service of the veterans and remind everyone of this important local partnership.

Cheryl Connell, Lincoln County Health and Human Services Director, commented at the presentation that having the two VA clinics has been wonderful. She said care that was not previously provided to the veterans because of the distance they had to travel was now being met. She added she is very appreciative of the collaboration between the Veterans Administration and the county for making these clinics available for our veterans. The Veterans Clinics are co-located with the Lincoln Community Health Center. A partnership between Lincoln County and the Veterans Administration made it possible to bring a V.A. doctor to Newport in 2010 and to Lincoln City in 2014.

Information and Photos provided by Lincoln County PIO Casey Miller