Lincoln City Police Advise Citizens To Be Aware of Phone Scams

Ransomware, Telephone Scam

scam_alert_bigThe Lincoln City Police would like to remind all of our citizens of ongoing telephone scams being perpetrated by people pretending to be law enforcement or IRS agents and attempting to get their victims to send them money. This type of scam has taken many forms.

On 5/24/16 a Lincoln City resident called the Lincoln City Police Department to advise she had received several phone calls from a male subject who stated he worked for the IRS. The suspect gave a false name and badge number. The suspect had even managed to get a computer generated false caller ID, which was showing the administrative phone number for our police department.

The suspect then proceeded to tell the victim she owed $5000.00 in back taxes and penalties and he had a warrant for her arrest. He told the victim she would be going to jail unless she withdrew this money from her bank and send it to him via Western Union.

Fortunately this lady was alert and suspicious. She called LCPD to ask about this call and found out it is an attempt to steal her money. These scams have taken many forms recently. The calls may accuse you of not reporting for jury duty, or a family member is in jail in another state or country and needs bail, or you have unpaid tickets, IRS taxes, etc.

The Lincoln City Police wants our citizens to know law enforcement, the IRS, the Courts and other government entities do not call people by phone to collect money, or threaten you with warrants, or ask you to send anyone money by Western Union, money orders, or e-payment, bit-coin, etc.
More information regarding IRS scams and how to report them can be found at Oregon residents can also report these scams to the Oregon Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection division of the Oregon Attorney Generals Office at 877-877-9392 or

If you receive threatening phone calls such as these, ask the individual for their name, the agency they work for, their phone number, supervisor etc. Usually they will hang up as soon as you do. If you have any concern as to the legitimacy of these call please contact your local law enforcement office by using the phone numbers listed in phone books, or on our websites listed in this article.

We want our citizens safe and informed with the information needed to prevent scammers from taking your money. Do not fall victim. Hang up immediately, if the call persists demand more identifying information and tell them you will be calling your local police agency to verify it. Most importantly do NOT send them your money. The Federal Trade Commission also offers advice at their website

Please be safe and if you have any questions regarding these type of scams, please call the Oregon DOJ above, your local law enforcement agency or the Lincoln City Police at 541-994-3636.

Information provided by Lincoln City police