Shelter Me Week

By Kiera Morgan

Sentilia McKinley Seashore Family Literacy Center Homeless Shelter Me Week

Sentilia McKinley devotes her time and talents to providing comfort and solace for those in need, as well as serving in various capacities throughout Lincoln County to represent the homeless and less fortunate. She founded the Waldport Seashore Family Literacy Center in 1989.

The Lincoln County Board of commissioners proclaimed the week of May 14-21 as Shelter Me Week. The idea behind Shelter Me Week is to bring about awareness of the lack of sufficient housing available for families in Lincoln County. The proclamation stated that this school year over 800 children have been identified as facing homeless situations due to economic hardships and lack of affordable housing. Students and community members from Waldport and the Seashore family literacy program showed the commissioners a video describing what “shelter me” meant to them.

They described the shelter me building in Waldport as a place that community members in need can come for a meal, clothing plus friendship, education, tutoring and mentoring needs. Once a week there is a community dinner offered at the Shelter Me Building. Sentilia McKinley, one of the founders of the Seashore Family Literacy Center reported that the shortage of housing in Lincoln County is a huge issue affecting families. “I have friends who work and make good money and they can’t find housing here in Lincoln County. I know many people who are paying $500 a month for trailers that leak and are not adequate.”

She described the growth of the Shelter Me building in Waldport and thanked the commissioners for the economic development funds awarded to the program that will allow fixing up the bathrooms and make other improvements at the building. She also said they will be offering a resource fair at the shelter me building this Saturday from 11-2pm with a variety of vendors on hand that provide services for Lincoln County Residents. Some include mental health, the Lions club to provide glasses and more.

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  1. I was almost homeless myself because of no housing.. it’s bad in Florence,Oregon also.Ive seen a lot of people liveing In dumps & still pay a lot of money fot rent.A decent place here for rent was listed in the local paper this week:2bedroom,1 bath condo for $2,200.00 a month!! I don’t know how to fix this problem & it seems like people just don’t care anymore.. that’s what I got looking for a place to live here in Florence.

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