2,000 Hats For Newport Kids

Sue Graves (left) and Sue Wilson (right) Photo by Larry Coonrod
Sue Graves (left) and Sue Wilson (right) Photo by Larry Coonrod

Sue Graves (left) and Sue Wilson (right) Photo by Larry Coonrod

The Lincoln County School District had a booth displaying information about the district’s safety program at the fall 2014 Newport Disaster Preparedness Fair. School District safety coordinator Sue Graves spoke with many people about the school emergency plans, drills and about the Disaster Cache project. After a large earthquake and tsunami they expect that damage to roads and bridges will make it difficult for parents to get their children from school in a timely manner.

Because of this there was great interest in the survival supplies we are collecting to take care of students until parents arrive. One of the visitors to the booth asked what else was needed for the Disaster Cache and how she could help. Graves said they expect to be able to take shelter in our schools and have stockpiled tents, but need warmth in the form of hats.  The following week Graves received a phone call from Sue Wilson who said she wanted to organize an effort to make hats for the Disaster Cache.  Sue got right to work after finding out that she would need about 2,000 hats.

She canvassed the community for yarn donations. She recruited and motivated more than 40 people from neighborhood groups, community clubs and elsewhere to knit, sew or crochet hats.  She dubbed the project, “Hats 4 Newport’s Kids.” Each week Sue would drop by a bag of hats and this week, she brought the remaining 500 hats needed to complete the ambitious goal of 2000 hats. 

Sue and her generous and committed team of hat-makers, kept at it and completed the hat project.  Graves thanked Sue for what she did she said Sue saw a need, developed a vision, mobilized others and got the job done. It took time and work, initiative and perseverance, all fueled by an amazing amount of love and care for our 2000 Newport children.

Thank you to Sue and her wonderful team of hat-makers and donors:

  • Longview Hills Neighborhood: Alice, Doris, Carmen, Barbara, Dee, LeAnne, Gladys, Shaleen, Frida, Bette, Cheryl, Marilyn, Betty, Kathie, JoJo, Mary, Diana, Ginger, Judy, Pam, Karen, Kay, Shari, Delsey, & Elizabeth.
  • Pacific Shores Neighborhood: Sue Phio, Edith Branshfeild, Mary Hackler, Deloras Dixon, Pat Loose, Carol Matlock, & Loraine Studt.
  • Newport Senior Center Knitting Group: Barbara, Karen, & Cathy.
  • Newport & other areas: Lida Prchol, Teri Stafford, Nancy Mitchell, Cheri Franklin, Caprice Grage, Corie Eastburn, Cindy McCarthy, and many misplaced names and anonymous donors.

Information provided by Sue Graves LCSD