Kayak Shack Closed This Summer

Kayak Shack

A message from Waldport High SchoolWaldport High School Oregon Logo ShamrockThe mission of the Kayak Shack is to provide an authentic learning opportunity for teens in the area of business, leadership, collaboration, and communication. What started as a Waldport High School entrepreneurship course in 2006, is now a successful nonprofit that serves our community. Last summer the students logged hundreds of hours with kayak rentals and guided tours.

Earlier this year a legal opinion left the program in need of new management. The Port of Alsea and Lincoln County School District are working with a local nonprofit organization to take over management of the Kayak Shack. Unfortunately, the timing of these events has not been ideal, and the Kayak Shack will need to suspend operations for the summer of 2016.

We are hopeful that with community support the Kayak Shack will be up and running for the 2017 season, and many seasons thereafter. If you would like to contribute to this program you may send your donation to Waldport High School, PO Box 370, Waldport. As new information unfolds for this valuable program, information will be shared with the media and on the Waldport Irish website.