County Looking At VRD Licensing

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners recently heard a report on the possibility of developing a business license for county vacation rental dwellings (VRD). The proposal was developed as a result of a number of complaints centered on excessive noise, garbage and parking issues. Especially in the Gleneden Beach and Lincoln Beach areas.

According to County Council Wayne Belmont in coming up with a licensing proposal they utilized what has been done successfully in Tillamook County. The idea Belmont said is to assist short term rental properties to comply with the livability of the neighborhoods they exist in. The license would require the name of a contact person, and general information regarding the vacation rental.

The business license program would be administered through the county Sheriff’s office. VRD owners would be required that their renters comply with the county noise ordinance, be required to have garbage service and provide adequate parking. Continued violations would result in termination of the VRD license. A secondary goal of the licensing program is to make sure that all rental properties comply with the County‚Äôs transient room tax ordinance.

To get further information from the public the county is holding meetings throughout the county. The first meeting will be tonight at city hall in Lincoln City and on Thursday at Waldport city hall. The final meeting will be held Thursday April 28th at the county courthouse. All meetings will be held from 6-8pm. Further details and a review of the proposal can be found on the county website at