New Marine Reserves Website



Ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of Oregon’s ocean? Curious about marine scientific research? The state’s new Oregon Marine Reserves website provides a rare glimpse below the surface of Oregon’s ocean waters and a behind-the-scenes peek at scientists in action. The website revamp was headed up by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which oversees the management and scientific monitoring of Oregon’s system of five marine reserve sites located off the Oregon coast. The website at  went live March 31.

The new website offers quick and easy access to research news, underwater videos, and information about each marine reserve site along with a comprehensive look at the science and management efforts underway by ODFW and partners. Additionally, the website offers user friendly features such as interactive maps, e-notifications and downloadable GPS coordinates. “We are excited that we can now showcase life below the surface of Oregon’s nearshore waters” said Cristen Don, ODFW Marine Reserves Program Leader. “We hope people dive in and check out the new website and learn about the important marine research efforts that are underway.”

In 2012, Oregon completed designation of five marine reserve sites. These are areas in Oregon’s coastal waters dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Fishing and ocean development are prohibited in these areas. For a state famous for exploration, Oregon has only skimmed the surface of its coastal waters. The marine reserves are living laboratories where scientists are learning about Oregon’s nearshore ocean environment and the effects that protections ( no fishing and conservation) have over time on species and habitats. This long-term research and monitoring program conducts research to support the management of marine reserves and sustainable nearshore ocean resources in Oregon, now and into the future.

For more information about Oregon’s marine reserves, call ODFW’s Newport Office at (541) 867-4741.

information and photos provided by ODFW