Lincoln City Considers Pool Upgrades

By Kiera Morgan

Lincoln City community center director Gail Kimberling spoke to the Lincoln City council regarding the water features at the community center pool. She pointed out that in the 2015/16 budget the council allocated $100,000 for aquatic improvements. The idea is to continue to enhance the facility for residents and visitors. The pool was constructed and opened in 1980. They did an expansion and remodel in 2005 and added the water slide, spa and small fountains in 2009. Last year with capital facility funds they replaced the lights with LED fixtures. Kimberling said however that even with all these improvements usage of the pool has gone down.

She explained the problem “schools are no longer sending kids to the pool for swim lessons. The main reason isn’t financial but an increase in testing and requirements from the state and federal government there is just not enough extra time to do the swim lessons.” Drop ins are the majority of the pool users right now.”  For spring break Kimberling said there were over 1,000 people using the facility during the week. She said they also have a lot of seniors who use the pool.

Some of the ideas Kimberling suggested included replacing the pelican that dumps water in the small pool with a new fountain. Also discussed was an aqua wall. The idea is to climb up and slide down. Inflatable obstacle courses were also suggested. Gail said putting in a jumbo tron screen and sound system would help with the swim meets, and provide music for the aqua aerobics class and help the dive in movie nights.

She also suggested some repairs that should be made to keep up with the maintenance of the pool this included replacing the pool’s water purification system and changing it from chlorine to ultraviolet. Kimberling said this method would make the water clearer and swimmers wouldn’t smell like chlorine when they’re finished. She said it will also be less expensive than chlorine treatments when all the UV equipment is in place. Councilors said they wanted to replace the bulkhead and liked the idea of the UV treatment. They also liked the idea of the Jumbo Tron. Gail said she would follow up on their suggestions and come back with another report.

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  1. Mr. Green | April 3, 2016 at 3:04 pm |

    The senior water aerobics class use to be full to the point of being crowded. Then the instructors were let go and non trained leaders were brought in. The class is now small with more talking of dropping out. If you want the full class again then get someone who can engage us and knows exercises a senior CAN do!

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