Continued Driving On The Beach In Lincoln City Discussed By OPRD

The public is invited to comment on whether beach driving should be allowed at 35th Court at a meeting hosted by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department tonight (3/30) starting at 6pm at the Driftwood Public Library. In the summer of 2015 members of the public resumed using a beach access site that by administrative rule is open to vehicles. This drew attention because the site had not been used for vehicle access for some time due to site conditions. Based on inquiries from neighbors, the department anticipated that a citizen petition to close the access point to vehicles would be forthcoming.

On October 13, 2015, the department received correspondence from Mary Griffing enclosing a “Petition to Disallow Vehicle Parking on the Beach at NW 35th” signed by 28 individuals. 15th Street beach access in Lincoln City is maintained by the City with restrooms and paved access down to the beach level. This location is very popular for beach access and parking. Vehicles can drive or park 150 feet north from the access and 150 feet south of the access. 35th Court in Lincoln City is owned by the City, but has not been maintained by Public Works. In the 1990’s the access was so poor, that OPRD signed the access with its regular Beach Rule sign stating “no vehicles”, because the sand had eroded and the access was not passable.

This summer a couple of people realized from the rules that this access was not a vehicle prohibited area, and the removal of sand made it a passable access. OPRD has received a petition requesting a closure from surrounding property owners and the city of Lincoln City is supportive of the request. Anyone interested is invited to the public hearing to provide feedback tonight.