LCSO Tip of the Week – Technology

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Date: March 7, 2016


Computers, tablets, smart phones, and social media make connecting with friends and family easier than ever before. Use these tools safely and appropriately. The following tips are found in the 2016 Emergency Management calendar.

Technology during a disaster

Communicating with family and friends will be a high priority in a disaster, but circumstances may impact your ability to reach them.

• Don’t call others if it’s not an emergency. Staying off the phone can save a life by allowing 911 calls to go through.

• If phone lines are overloaded, texting may still work.

• Make a family communication plan including out of state contacts. When phone lines are overloaded, it is more likely your call will get through to someone outside of the affected area.

• Connect via mobile apps like FEMA and Red Cross’s Emergency apps, as well as social media.

Cyber Security

• Secure all of your internet devices including computer, tablets and smart phones with a password; and change it regularly.

• On your computer, use security software and keep it up-to-date. Be skeptical – if a web page or e-mail seems suspicious, don’t click!

• Smart Phones: Install phone apps only from reputable sources.

• Social media: Limit the amount of personal info you share and check your privacy settings.

• Coffee Shops: Open Wi-Fi networks can expose your credentials and password to anyone within Wi-Fi range.  Consider paying your cellular provided for the ability to create a “tethered” connection through your phone to protect your communications.

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