Aquarium In Search Of Volunteers

Otters, octopuses and auklets have wonderful stories, but cannot speak for themselves. At the Oregon Coast Aquarium, these animals rely on interpretive volunteers to connect them with over 400,000 visitors each year. To ensure these natural history experts know their subjects, the Aquarium treats new volunteers to a six weekend crash course, offered just twice a year, on the coastal and marine fauna of Oregon. Upon graduation, volunteers spend a few hours each week speaking on behalf of the Oregon coast’s animals and their habitats.

“Volunteers connect with visitors every day about animals and conservation issues like marine debris. The in-depth insights they share not only add to the Aquarium experience, they can make impressions that last a lifetime,” said Beth Hawkyard, Volunteer Services Manager for the Aquarium. In addition to soaking in stunning exhibit scenery each week, volunteers receive:

• Complimentary Aquarium membership.

• Invitations to participate in exclusive lectures and continuing education programs.

• A behind the scenes look at a marine science exhibition facility that is consistently ranked among the 10 best in the U.S.A.

• Subscription to the newsletter, The Upwelling.

• Discounts at the Wildlife Trading Company Gift Shops in the Aquarium.

• The opportunity to join ranks with over 400 other outstanding volunteers that share a passion for marine science.

To become one of the newest voices for Oregon’s marine and coastal animals, fill out an online application at Applications are due by March 21.

For more information, visit or contact the Aquarium’s Volunteer Services department at