Newport Works On Airport Master Plan

The city of Newport is working on an Airport Master Plan Update to reassess Airport issues, needs, priorities, and goals. As part of the project, aeronautical activity forecasts will be prepared to determine the Airport’s needs over a 20-year planning period and alternatives for meeting those needs will be developed. The end result will be a FAA approved forecast, Airport Layout Plan, and Capital Improvement Plan. Through a competitive selection process, the City of Newport has contracted with W.H Pacific, to prepare the Airport’s Master Plan.

The project is being funded, in part, through a grant from the FAA. The Master Plan Update will be conducted with community involvement to gather input and direction. A Planning Advisory Committee or PAC was formed to help advise airport staff and the Planning Team on issues of community interest with respect to providing safe, efficient and convenient air transportation for Lincoln County residents and businesses, while at the same time maintaining and respecting the interests of the Airport’s neighbors and the environment.

A master plan was last completed for Newport Municipal Airport in 2003. The Master Plan Update study involves several tasks to be undertaken in an estimated 18-month time frame. The local economy already benefits from the Airport in many ways. It is estimated the direct and in-direct impact at the Airport and off-Airport visitor spending is approximately $16.7 million. The Airport also has the potential to serve as a critical emergency response facility.

The next element in the Airport Master Plan Update Study will be the identification of various long term airport development alternatives to meet the needs Identified to date. More information can be found about upcoming meetings and project goals at the cities website at www.newportoregon. gov.