Where You Live Is Where You Vote

By Kiera Morgan

Recently because of some hot topics coming up for elections in Lincoln City such as city council and DLWID board members, VRD’s and water topics have had some are trying to increase the voting pool in hopes of getting votes for what they would like to see happen in an election. Before elections recently emails and letters have been sent out to property owners around Devil’s Lake and in the Roads End area asking that people who own property there as a second home change their voting registration to be able to vote on topics concerning Lincoln City.

This begs the question can Oregonians change their voter registration frequently with the result that they effectively shop for elections in different areas each year. However according to Dana Jenkins County Clerk your primary residence where you live is where you are able to be registered as a voter. “If you own a second home and are at that residence for six months or more you can change your voter registration to that address during the time you are there.”

According to the clerks office the person’s residence shall be the place in which habitation is fixed and the person intends to return. According to the secretary of state’s office the county clerk is responsible for determining if a person is registered at the correct address. If the county clerk determines that the person is registered at the wrong address, the clerk cancels the registration record and sends the case to the Elections Division to determine if the person knowingly made a false statement about their address on their voter registration.

3 Comments on "Where You Live Is Where You Vote"

  1. This is not what I was told when I questioned the registration of some voters in the last Lincoln City elections! I completely agree with the article but I would suggest that a large number of people have already registered at their VRD address when they do not, in fact, live there! There also people out of city limits, i.e. Otis, who are registered at their business address.

  2. Concerned Lincoln City Citizen | January 30, 2016 at 6:09 pm |

    Yes, Kip Ward, a Lincoln City Councilor, doesn’t live in Lincoln City. He actually lives out on Beaver Creek, 10 miles out of town. Not only is Kip illegally registered, but his wife, and possibly his daughter, Tory, are too. Tory appears to live in Portland.

    Also, Gordon and Susan Walker, who are staunchly anti-vacation rental, live full time in Tigard, but are illegally registered to vote in Lincoln City.

  3. Susan Walker | February 1, 2016 at 9:25 am |

    Gordon & Susan Walker are by no means “staunchly anti-vacation rental” if the VRD follows Lincoln City law. We do not live full time in Tigard! Our business needs to be located in Tigard and we commute, just as VRD activist Gene Scrutton does. He owns A-1 Beach Vacation Rentals and the Whistling Winds Motel in Lincoln City, but his office for these businesses are in his home in Portland. We have voted in Lincoln City for the last 8 years. Our automobiles are registered in Lincoln City, our dog is licensed in Lincoln County. We also operate a charitable organization in Lincoln City, hiring Lincoln City employees and donating product to Lincoln City charities. We are not illegally registered to vote in Lincoln City whatsoever.

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