Child Running On Hwy 101 Rescued By Sheriff’s Deputy

The following video is for educational purposes and not intended to ridicule or question those involved. The incident was investigated thoroughly and determined to be accidental and no criminal charges will be brought to the parties involved. The video is intended to focus on traffic safety and the dangers of distracted driving.

During the evening hours of January 9th, 2016, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Gautney was travelling south bound on Highway 101 entering the north city limits of Newport, Oregon, when he discovered a two year old child running in the middle of the highway, in his lane of travel. Deputy Gautney quickly came to a stop and rescued the child from the danger of passing motorists.

Shortly after removing the child from the highway, Deputy Gautney was alerted to the child’s frantic parents who were searching for him. The child was returned to them unharmed. It was learned the family cleaning up after a gathering at a nearby community center when the child, in a flash of a second, slipped out through an open door and ran straight to the highway.

We share this video as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong and the danger and potential result of distracted driving. Please remain alert at all times while driving. Refrain from texting, cell phone use and other distractions in your vehicle while in motion, as dangers present themselves when least expected.
We are very thankful for Deputy Gautney’s alertness and quick action that allowed for this child’s safe return to his parents.

The parents of the child consented to us showing this video for educational purposes.