Newport Parking Advisory Committee

Parking Advisory Committee

By Kiera Morgan

The Newport City council considered composition of an advisory committee for the parking management plan that will be prepared for the Bayfront, Nye Beach, and City Center commercial areas. A Request for Proposals or RFP for consulting services to assist in the preparation of a Parking Management Plan was sent out and it is likely that a consultant will be selected by mid-February. The City has three commercial parking districts, one for each of the study areas. The parking districts have advisory committees that the Council established by resolution.

The City Council could impanel these three groups as a single project advisory committee for the parking study. Newport Community Development Director Derick Tokos said the Planning Commission would like to have a representative attend the meetings, since the Commission is likely to be asked to help implement recommendations that result from the study. The purpose of this project is to identify strategies that will maximize available parking supply in the Bay Front, Nye Beach, and City Center areas of Newport to support a vibrant working waterfront and retail-oriented, tourist areas and commercial businesses.

If Council chooses this approach, the policy advisory committee would be as follows:

Cris Torp: Business Owner, Bayfront
Kathy Cleary: Business Owner, Nye Beach
Janet Webster: Business Owner, Bayfront
Wendy Engler:Business Owner, Nye Beach (Council Liaison)
Gary Ripka:Fisherman, Bayfront
Linda Neigebauer: Business Owner, Nye Beach
Sharon Snow: Fish Processing, Bayfront
Frank Geltner: Business Owner, City Center
Laura Anderson: Business Owner, Bayfront
Bill Bain: Citizen Representative, City Center
Kevin Greenwood:Port of Newport, Bayfront
Tom McNamara:Business Owner, City Center
Jody George:Business Owner, Nye Beach
Bill Branigan: Planning Commission Representative
If the council wants to go through with the advisory committee a proposal would be brought before the council at their February 1st meeting.