ODFW Improves Regulation Publication

Fishing_2016_coverAnglers this year may have noticed that Oregon’s fishing regulations for 2016 are in a new magazine format publication, which is not only more colorful but simpler and easier to read. Over the past year ODFW worked on streamlining and simplifying the angling regulations. ODFW has also expanded opportunities for trout and warmwater fishing and provided more consistent seasons and bag limits. Anglers should notice plainer language and clearer descriptions of regulations. Content was also rearranged so that license information and fish ID photos are in the back of the regulations. Updated full-color zone maps can be found at the end of each section.

Here are a few changes that anglers will see in the 2016 fishing regulations:

· Expanded year round opportunities across the state for trout. In most areas where there were April openers, these rivers were expanded to be open year round.

· Reduction in the number of special regulations or exceptions. One thing to be aware of is that some of the waters that you fish may no longer be listed under the exceptions. This means that they are now covered under the zone regulations.

· Changes in fees. In 2016 there are fee increases on many angling licenses. This is the first time the fees have increased in six years. A new youth license was created. For $10 dollars youths ages 12-17 will get a hunting, fishing, shellfish license, and Columbia River Basin endorsement.

ODFW contracted with J.F. Griffin Media to publish this year’s regulations. J.F. Griffin currently contracts with over 20 other states to help create a consistent look and feel for fishing and hunting regulations. They also provide an online version of the regulations that can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. This version includes the latest corrections and clarification to a few regulations that were causing confusion.

“Please read the zone regulations carefully as there have been some zone wide changes as well as some changes to the zone regulations exceptions,” said Mike Gauvin, manager of ODFW’s recreational fishing program. “As always, emergency or temporary rules may be adopted so please check the in season regulation updates by zone before you head out fishing.”