Hit and Run Driver Takes Out South Beach Water Main

Around 1:30 am on Saturday January 9, 2016 a fire hydrant on Highway 101 in South Beach just south of SE 50th Street was struck by a hit and run driver, rupturing the 16″ water main. Because the broken hydrant was unreported, City crews were unaware of the break until approximately 5 am. The ditches on the highway flooded causing water to flood one residence and portions of the Highway to be covered in water. Because the broken hydrant was ultimately submerged, it is likely the water main is contaminated. City crews will be repairing the break, flushing, chlorinating the line, and testing through the rest of today (1/9/16). Five properties on the east side of Highway 101 south of 50th are currently out of water and service will not be restored until Tuesday morning when the City receives the results of the bacteria test.

Please contact public works at 541-574-3366 with any questions. Thank you.