Baby Boxes Offered At Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital


The Pacific Communities Health District (PCHD) Foundation and the community have come together to provide new mothers with the Dr. Ken Stevens Baby Box Gift starting Jan. 1, 2016. The Baby Box is designed to meet the basic needs for a baby in the first year. All new mothers who plan to deliver their babies at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (SPCH) will be offered this gift.

“The Baby Box will include a portable crib and for many families, this will be the baby’s only bed,” said Sarah Cole, manager of the Mark G. Collson Birthing Center. “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is associated with unsafe sleep practices, such as mom and baby sharing a bed. Sadly, in 2015, our community lost an infant to SIDS, which has raised our awareness. That’s why we are so excited about this project.”
In addition to the portable crib, the Dr. Ken Stevens Baby Box Gift will include a crib mattress, covers and sheets, diapers, baby thermometers, bath towels, personal care items, bottles, pacifiers, books, teething toys, clothing, nursing pads and other items.

“Nursing staff will also use the baby box program as a teaching tool to help prepare new families for the arrival of their infants,” said Cole. Each year, approximately 200 babies are born at SPCH. “This project is spearheaded by Sherry Lowrey, a community volunteer, and funded 100 percent through donations,” said Ursula Marinelli, PCHD Foundation Executive Director. “It will help give all babies born at SPCH a safe and healthy start and demonstrate how much this community cares for all of its children.”

The following community members donated to make this gift possible through donations to the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation:

Sherry Lowrey
Nancy Stevens
Abbey Flooring
Judy Anderson
Bayshore Realty
Bayshore Rentals
Marian Brown
Chalet Restaurant
Gibson Farms
Kim Duty Insurance
Kay Keady
Linda Kilbride
Main Auto Body
PCHD Foundation Employee Committee
Ruth Stole of Family Fabrics
Sherry Sutton of The Quilt Fairy
Sharron Rotty

This project is named in memory of Dr. Ken Stevens, a beloved physician who supported our local hospital. For questions or to make a donation to help this project, call the PCHD Foundation at 541-574-1810.