LCSO Tip of the Week – Gun Safety

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Sheriff Dennis L. Dotson

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Date: January 4, 2016


Every year we hear tragic stories about a youngster playing with a gun and accidentally shooting a friend or himself/herself. Often times these tragedies end up with a death. For more than one decade, this country has experienced active shooter events resulting in death where the guns used were owned by a parent or friend. Regardless of your opinions about gun ownership, the issue of safe storage is one that everyone should take seriously.

  • Every gun owner should carefully consider the reasons for having a gun. If there is no compelling need to own a gun, remove it from your home. The reality is that a gun increases, not decreases, the danger to your family.
  • If you own firearms, carefully consider where to keep them. Hall closets, nightstands, drawers by the outside doors of your home and other traditional places are often where criminals, and curious children, look first.
  • Store guns unloaded, locked up and with a lock on the trigger. Consider a lock box for handguns. There are also gun-safes for long-barrel firearms. Store ammunition separately – and locked up.
  • If you are a family member and are experiencing high levels of anger, fear or depression, remove guns from your home. It is during these times a gun is often used against a loved one or against oneself.
  • Never handle a gun after consuming alcohol or other drugs.
  • Never leave a gun in your vehicle. Guns are often stolen from cars.
  • Teach children never to touch a firearm without supervision, and to immediately tell an adult if they find a gun.
  • Know where your firearms are at all times. You are accountable for them, and it is your responsibility to ensure your gun is not used against a family member.
  • All gun owners should receive training in the safe handling and care of their guns and ammunition.
  • Free gunlocks are available at your Sheriff’s Office.

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