Kathleen Palmer and Jan Eastman Receive City of Newport Elton Pier Award

Jan Eastman receiving the City of Newport Elton Pier Award

The City of Newport’s Elton Pier Award is named in honor of a long-time city employee and volunteer firefighter. The award is given to individuals exhibiting many of the following qualities: dependability; hard work; resourcefulness; compassion; motivation of others; and a commitment to public service through volunteerism and city employment.

The 2015 Elton Pier Award was presented to two city employees – Kathleen Palmer, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police, and Jan Eastman, Library Clerk.

Kathleen Palmer

Kathleen Palmer receiving the City of Newport 2015 Elton Pier Award

Besides her work in the Police Department, Kathleen Palmer chairs the city’s Safety Committee. She was instrumental in the Committee’s success, and during her leadership, she and the Safety Committee worked tirelessly to research, test, and develop a city-wide safety training program – the Safe Personnel Program.

Kathleen and the Safety Committee have also developed a safety incentive program, an enhanced inspection program, and have been effective in making the city a safer place to work. In addition to Kathleen’s 11-year career with the city, she currently volunteers as a mediator with the Lincoln County Community Dispute Resolution Center.

Jan Eastman

Jan Eastman receiving the City of Newport 2015 Elton Pier Award

Jan Eastman began her career with the city in 1987. While she works par-
time as a Library Clerk, her title belies what she really does. Her nomination states that “she is always willing to take on any task; she can be depended on to find the most efficient way to accomplish a task; and epitomizes the term “public servant.”

In addition to her work at the Library, Jan manages the Newport Performing Arts Center and can be found there most evenings and weekends contributing to the community’s love and reputation for the performing arts. Jan is a trained and active member of Newport’s CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), and as her nomination states, “I do believe Elton Pier would approve of her nomination for this award.”

City Manager, Spencer Nebel stated that “both employees exemplify the qualities of Elton Pier, and the City of Newport is fortunate to have staff of the caliber of Kathleen and Jan.”

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