LCSO Tip of the Week – Active-Shooter Events

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Date: December 14, 2015


It has been nearly three years since the tragedies at the Clackamas Town Center and Sandy Hook school in Connecticut and violence of this nature has continued to occur in this country. While the discussion of why such events have occurred continues, it is important for our citizens to know what to do should they find themselves in an active-shooter event.

An FBI review of the shooting incidents over the last decade in this country revealed that a significant number of these events occurred in the workplace, more so than in schools or other public places.

Many of these incidents were the result of the loss of significant relationships, changes in financial status, loss of a job, changes in living arrangements, major adverse changes to life circumstances, and/or feelings of humiliation or rejection on the part of the shooter.

To increase your own safety you need to have a plan. Should something occur in a business or public place remembering three words can make the difference in your survival – RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

If an active-shooter presents themself, a person should:

RUN, if that is possible.

HIDE, if running is not possible. Workers should identify hiding places within their work environment. It could be as simple as hiding in a room or closet that is lockable from the inside and remaining quiet.

FIGHT, if running or hiding are not possible. Quickly developing a plan to attack the shooter should they enter the space where you are hiding. Using whatever devices are at your disposal, such as a fire extinguisher, chair, office equipment, or other article capable of temporarily stunning or otherwise disabling the shooter.

Remember – The shooter has already decided to kill people – You may literally have to fight for your life.

Workplace plans should be developed. Employees should practice using escape routes and hiding. Employees should also identify what articles are available to them that will make an effective weapon for defense. Your chances of survival increase if you are mentally prepared should you find yourself in an active-shooter event.

The City of Houston produced a brief video on this topic, shown below. There are also seven (7) downloadable brochures from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Retail Federation containing information on how to react to an active-shooter event.

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