ODOT Fixes Settling Issues On Hwy 101 In Lincoln City

By Kiera Morgan

The contractors for ODOT have been busy working to get the Hwy 101 23rd to 35th street project in Lincoln City completed. They were able to finish some of the work early but also ran into some settlement issues near the retaining wall. According to Ray Cranston Assistant project coordinator at SE 32nd crews raised the elevation of the roadway several feet in order to make a smoother and better approach with the intersection at Hwy 101. They also constructed a large fish passage culvert at Baldy Creek. Part of the construction project involved putting in a retaining wall and several feet of fill.

Cranston said crews started to notice last month that there was starting to be some settlement. ODOT crews have been monitoring the settlement and found that it slowed down considerably but they decided that something still needed to be done to prevent future problems. So the construction crews have removed about 500 cubic yards of the existing dirt fill and have replaced it with a lightweight fill material that will take a lot of weight off the fill and stop the settlement completely.

Cranston added this was not something that they spotted right away. He said it wasn’t until they started to replace the base rock for the finished grade when they noticed things weren’t lining up right. During surveying and on site monitoring they noticed some minor cracks and displacement in the retaining wall and settlement. Reducing the weight of the fill should correct the problem. 32nd street has been paved and now they are working on finishing up road approaches, landscaping and getting the signal activated at 32nd street. The project should be completed by November 25th.